Wishing On Every Star

Bethany, 23, hopeless romantic, chronically depressed. Trying to find myself before I lose all of me..

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There are villains you just can’t hate. Then there are these assholes.(X)

Best post on tumblr so far

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These are just the right mix of douchy and nerdy I was looking for.

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toddlers are essentially just drunk college kids

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Goblin Spider by Forest Rogers

Goblin Spider was inspired by a folktale and traditional Japanese ukiyo-e prints. Elaborate hairpins made me think “legs,” of course. I also noticed that many beauties were depicted holding a bit of folded fabric or tissue in their mouths. This was a come-hither symbol, sufficiently demure to get past court censors but widely understood as erotic (don’t attempt it with Bounty Duratowel — it loses in translation). Thus, mouse in mouth. 

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*wakes you up in the middle of the night* look at this it’s important

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